How to Reduce Hair Loss

How to reduce hair loss

Lets face facts. If you’re getting older; you’re getting balder! By the age of 40, up to 50% of all men will have some signs of noticeable hair loss. Here’s a few tips from the boys at Braid Barbers on how to create more resilient follicles and help reduce hair loss.

Unfortunately, you can’t fight against Old Father Time - but you can do something to stave off his deathly fingers from your hair.

Stop Smoking

Nobody said this was going to be easy! Smoking can increase the hormones that triggers hair loss. It also stops the blood vessels that supply the scalp with the nutrients it needs to help hair grow. There are a good million reasons to stop smoking and this is definitely one of them.

Say No to Ponytails

This may not be as relevant as it was during the early nineties when everyone bloke on the street had a ponytail, but the recent trend in 'top knots' is another sure fire way to damage your hair. Long hair is also bang on trend for 2015, but if you start tightly pulling it back in a ponytail, prepare for it to get seriously damaged and fall out in later years. The cruel hair mistress to many a hardcore raver.

Stay Out of the Sun

Stop going on holiday! Nah, we’re only joking, but be aware that sunburn creates a superoxide that cause your hair to start shedding instead of growing. That’s the last thing you need whilst catching some rays! Make sure you wear a hat when the sun's at it’s strongest to stop your hair from becoming brittle.

Try the Gentle Touch

Over combing is a real hair killer, so avoid putting too much pressure on your head with over zealous towel drying. Hair is three times weaker when it is wet, so let your hair dry naturally or pat dry with a towel to ensure you aren’t damaging your precious barnet.

Get Some Soya in Your Diet

Changing from cow milk to soya may sound like the musings of a maniac, but when soya is digested in the intestine a molecule is created that can block the hormone that is linked to hair loss. Sounds crazy we know. Maybe it is the musings of a maniac after all! Seriously though, soya in your diet is supposed to really help stop hair loss, so it wouldn’t hurt to make the switch if you’re looking a little thin around the edges.

So why not try a few of these top tips to try and keep your hair on your head and not in your hat! We can't promise any miracles, but if you can see the early warning signs then now is the best time to make a few changes to how you look after your hair.

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