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This year we’re taking no prisoners at Braid Barbers and have teamed up with the amazing photographer Kim Hardy to bring you some seriously imaginative imagery and styling for our latest barbering creations.

2018 saw us make our mark on world barbering with our mixture of unique cuts and photography, but this year we’re going all out to really plant our flag in the ground as one of the best in the business. We are also pleased to announce we now have over 100,000 followers on our Braid Barbers Instagram. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follower us and like our work.

This is the first in our range of collaborations with Kim Hardy Photography, as we continue to push the barbering boundaries in 2018.

High Skin Fade
Textured Choppy Crop. Styled with Apothecary87 clay pomade.


Zero Fade with Double Undercut
Scrunch dried, styled with Apothecary87 clay pomade and beard sculptured with Apothecary87 beard oil.


Rockabilly Wave
Blow dried with Layrite grooming spray, finished with Layrite super hold pomade.


Textured Crop Skin Fade
Double razored edge, styled with Apothecary87 clay pomade.


Classic Pompadour
Styled with Layrite super hold pomade.


Behind the Scenes
Rob and Kim working hard preparing for our first Braid & Hardy Photoshoot.


Remember, all of our hair models are Braid Barbers customers, not professionals brought in for photo shoots. If you want the chance to maybe feature in one of our campaigns, be sure to pop in for a cut at one of our stores in Milton Keynes and Leamington Spa.

We’re always on the look out in our shops for the next hair model to feature in one of our shoots.

You never know, the next one could be you….