March 17, 2015 Meet the Team No Comments

Meet Paul Manners, one of our top stylists in Leamington Spa and Milton Keynes. Plus with a surname like ‘Manners’, you can always be assured of impeccable service from one of our top boys!

Why did you want to become a barber?

I’ve always been creative and a perfectionist barbering gives me that the opportunity to utilise these skills.

Favourite hairstyle to cut?

Over the years my preferred styles have changed, but currently enjoying longer layered textured cuts.

What do you want for your birthday?

I’m really into my motocross and spend a lot of time working on my bike, so I’m thinking some new shiny modifications.

What’s your tipple?

Anyone who knows me will tell you I can’t handle my drink! So for that reason I stay away. If I had to choose it would be a lager like Corona.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Talk, dark and handsome! ha

What’s your party trick?

I can do a backflip!

What makes me happy?

Simple things; surrounded by good friends enjoying a few drinks in summer.

Secret Karaoke song?

Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ ha!


Probably Spiderman.

Best place to holiday?

So far I’d have to say Thailand. Amazing weather culture and the friendliest people.

What superpower would you like?

Being able to fly.

Favourite film?


Favourite band?

Arctic Monkeys

Favourite TV show?

I don’t watch much TV, but I am fan of ‘An Idiot Abroad’.

If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?

Travel as much as possible