Great Hair Care Tips for Men

Great Hair Care Tips for Men

Here at Braid Barbers, we have been looking after your hair for nearly 30 years and during that time we've seen a lot of styles come and go. From Madchester bowl cuts to rave ponytails, every style imaginable has taken a seat in a Braid Barbers chair!

It's a real pleasure for the current trend in old school barbering to come back into fashion though. The current crop of 'vintage' haircuts with a modern twist is something we've always enjoyed tailoring for our clients and at Braid Barber's we take real pride in offering impeccable service in relaxed surroundings. Here are a few innovative hair care tips from the staff at Braid Barbers to help keep your hair in impeccable condition away from the chair.

Don't Over Wash Your Hair

Sounds crazy I know, but washing your hair every day is actually a bad idea. It will just make your hair really dry and lose the natural oil that the hair follicle produces itself. Washing your hair twice a week is usually more than enough and always use a conditioner after. Are we telling you to take two bottles into the shower? Yes, yes we are!

Remove Wax by Shampooing Dry Hair

With the current trend for strong quiffs and partings, extra wax has become a part of everyday life. Applying shampoo directly onto the hair without water and then rinsing is the best way to remove any excess wax. This will help to break down the product within the follicles and REALLY clean the hair. After rinsing, try washing your hair again and then conditioning. Your hair will be like a newborn babies, until you slap the product in again!

Try Matte Product for Thinning Hair

If you're becoming, shall we say, 'follically challenged', try switching to a paste or clay matte product rather than a thick wax. Matte products make the hair appear thicker and the also absorb the light, making it more manageable for everyday styling.

Don't Rub Dry. Pat!

Rubbing your hair dry may seem like the quickest and easiest way to dry the hair, it's also the fastest way to damage it. Hair is much weaker when it is wet, so avoid any extra stress by patting your hair dry to avoid any excess breakage. This is a great tip if you're going a bit thin on top. Let's save that hair for as long as possible!

Less is More

Don't get mad about the product. Too much will leave a greasy finish and make the hair heavy and lank. A little can go a long way when applied correctly. So start off with a really small amount, then add extra to the hair if required. The natural look is the way forward.

Be sure to pop into one of our stores in Milton Keynes, Leamington Spa or Banbury if you want to speak to any of our knowledgeable staff about hair care or to test drive some of our award-winning products. What we don't know about hair isn't worth knowing, so if you're looking for a new style or a fresh cut, Braid Barbers have got you covered.

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