Ocean Salt Mist Sea Salt Spray (250ml)

Ocean Salt Mist Sea Salt Spray (250ml)

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Our own sea salt spray, great for thickening, dry finish, gritty look as if you’ve been surfing all day! Also used when blow-drying to give more control over styling. With an excellent but not overpowering smell of coconut.


  • Apply to hair when wet, leave to dry naturally for that just off the beach look.
  • Apply to the hair when wet then rough blowdry rubbing in a circular motion with wide fingers and or scrunching to create thickening textured but dry looking finish. Scrunch for encouraging dry curl, or Rough dry for scrunched textured dry volume finish.
  • For a more smooth and dry finish and for control during blow-dry, apply to wet but towel-dried hair then blow dry with brush loosely in the direction you would like the finished style to be, at the point when you feel traction in the brush start to build then roll the brush, again in the finishing direction. If using a round brush it can be great for the Pompadour look or any neater controlled and dry finished style.