Braid Boost Powder (20g)

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Our own Boost powder.  Amazing product, the easiest to use its like having a Stylist in your pocket! It Can be used on very Fine/Thinning (best product for thinning & fine hair) up to even thick Hair. Instant hold with no dry time at all, Can be used to add extreme Volume or for instant easy styling for all hair types. Created to replace liquid, paste or Gel type finishing product (can be used similarly to a dry shampoo but with a styling effect).


  • For Fine hair Apply to dry hair only, just tap or shake out a small amount of the dust from pot either onto your palms or direct to the hair. Then shake or scrunch the hair to add volume or curl, alternatively just ruffle with fingers spread wide to create thickening texture. No Shine this is the most Matt product we sell.
  • For medium to thick hair, as above just tap or shake out a small amount of the powder onto palms or direct to hair then shake the hair with fingers and move into desired finished position giving a textured but dry style. No Shine or smell, this is the most Matt finish product we sell.